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Erica (project 1)

Erica (project 1)

Erica talc
Sober and essential lines intersect with elements of strong personality.
From the Lacanche block to the hood with a similarly shaped lacquered sprint, from the double column in the first beige patina to the iron bench, also with top and top in beige patina.


Wall cabinet with lacquered structure in similferro with sliding glass.
Series of shelves with lacquered wooden supports.
Open pore lacquered ash door with shell handle.
Anthracite stone floor and hand-decorated tiles.


Prima Patina Beige
Double column with deadbolt handle with pantry column and column for refrigerator insertion.
Powder coated iron bench with lacquered closed-pore Talco drawers with top and top in beige patina.


Attention to detail
Drawers with dovetail joint in natural dyed cherrywood with 40kg Blum Movento sliding cushions.
Dishwasher door with false integrated drawer to continue the aesthetic modularity of the composition.


(Erica is here as Project 1 – chalk color)